The Blog Awards Ireland 2015 – Best Food & Drink nominee: voting lines are open!


During the next two weeks I will be biting my nails, pacing nervously and most likely annoy everyone by asking them to vote for my blog because.. I have been shortlisted for the Blog Awards Ireland 2015 in the category Best Food & Drink!

I know the odds aren’t really in my favour as I don’t have that many Irish followers yet and I haven’t been blogging for that very long but I do hope to make it to the finalists, and for that, I need your help!

All it takes is for you to go to and vote for Tine at Home! You don’t have to live in Ireland to be able to vote so if you don’t have an address here, no worries, you can still vote!

If you really really like my blog and would like to see me cry at the awards, you can always send the link to your friends & family and ask them to vote as well.

Thanks a million to anyone who votes! I already am the happiest Belgian Food & Drink blogger in Ireland, whether I make it to the finals or not,

Tine x

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    Alex Maschietto
    September 8, 2015 at 11:26 am

    Alabama !! here we go! it is not because i got a jelly pot, but it was really good, with some toasts in the evening and a hot tea! had a delicious time!

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