Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air

Spring is here! You wouldn’t be able to tell from the extreme drop in temperatures we had here in Ireland this week though as it suddenly went below 0 again. But apart from this one week things have been looking good! I already put away my winter coat but now it’s time for the winter accessories in your home to be replaced with bright coloured decorations instead! It’s not that easy to pick my 4 favourites for this spring cause Spring and Summer are my absolute favourite seasons and each store has just so much to offer.

When it comes to inviting people over for dinner I find that most people end up going for the same style all year-round, but by introducing just a few elements related to the season you can really turn your dinner table into something special.

If you add some lovely scents to that in the background you’ll really have the ideal setting for a Spring/Summer barbecue or salad party.

Citrus Pop Napkin Lemon

First up are the napkins. Crisp, clean and exquisitely designed, the Citrus Pop Napkin Collection zests up your summertime tabletop instantly. Pair them with simple white dinnerware for maximum ‘umph’ this season.

There’s no need to go and buy paper napkins to spruce up your table, these cotton napkins from Meadows and Byrne are washable so you can use them  year after year and they have a better look and feel than paper napkins.

I always try to have napkins along with placemats in the same style, but if you want to go for something else I would recommend rattan placemats or wooden plates like in the picture above, the dark colour will bring out the yellow even more in the napkins.

Madrass Stripe Runner Sky

The Madrass Stripe Runner in ‘Sky’ brings a polished and classic style to your tabletop this summer whether in a casual setting or for a formal dinner party. Coordinate with matching Madrass napkins for the ultimate dining experience.

Table runners are something I simply don’t have enough of If you have a gorgeous table already there’s no real need to go and add both a table cloth as well as a runner, so instead of covering up your entire table, a runner will give it more colour and still allow you to show off your table. Even if you want to put some bowls and plates as side dishes separate from your table, you can use a table runner to dress up your cabinet or kitchen island for example.

Debenhams Home Collection Mugs

The time honoured tradition of blue and white remains ever popular. Today with the resurgence of demand for nostalgia in design, the appeal of this striking colour combination is greater than ever.

Mugs mugs mugs! I rarely ever have matching mugs in my house as I love buying just one at a time. In the winter I use these sturdy mugs with snow flakes on it, or a reindeer, Santa Claus or just some lovely red & green stripes. But for Spring we definitely want something lighter and brighter. As we also celebrate Mother’s day in Spring I think the mug with the heart will be a great gift for any mum. It’s a classic white but the colour of the heart breaks up all that whiteness and gives it a nice touch.

The Sail away mug is an unmissable Spring/Summer mug. Nothing spells Spring and Summer more than blue & white, as it reminds people of the beach and the sea. The little sailing boat on the inside is a nice touch, you rarely find cups that are decorated on the inside as well.

Max Benjamin Acqua Viva Diffuser

Max Benjamin’s Acqua Viva diffuser is inspired by one of the world’s most beautiful, colourful and fragrant coastlines. From Sorrento to Positano, over to beautiful Capri on a boat and then further south to Amalfi. Lose yourself in this aroma journey of local fresh citrus fruits, plunging cliffs with wild flowers and showers of fresh romantic sea air! Acqua Viva contains top notes of mandarin, orange, lemon and cassis. Middle notes are cardamom and pepper with base notes of musk, amber and cedarwood.


1. Citrus Pop Napkin Lemon – Set of 4 – Meadows and Byrne
2. Madrass Stripe Runner Sky – Meadows and Byrne
3. Home Collection White heart print mug and Home Collection White ‘Sail away with me’ print mug – Debenhams
4. Max Benjamin Acqua Viva Diffuser – Kilkenny

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