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Tine at Home
After months and months of brainstorming, following workshops and reading books, it’s finally time to start blogging again! So what can you expect from Tine at home? Well, obviously a lot of recipes! I will be trying out recipes from chefs like Jamie Oliver (my favorite chef) but I’ll also be looking through wartime recipes, older cookbooks such as ‘The Joy of Cooking’, and so on. Some recipes I’ll follow to the letter, others I’ll be changing to make it more contemporary. Last but not least, I’ll be creating my own recipes, either made from scratch or based on food you see in the movies, like Garfield’s lasagna, spaghetti meatballs from ‘Lady and the tramp’ and apple pie from ‘American Pie’.

All my recipes will be made in my tiny apartment kitchen, on a stove that has a will of its own. With this blog I want to show people that you really don’t need much to be able to cook spectacular dishes, delicious comfortfood or quick and easy bites.

Hope you’ll all enjoy this blog!

Tine x

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