The Cashel Food Box

The Cashel Food Box

Want to sample some of Tipperary’s finest? Cashel Irish Farmhouse Cheesemakers are currently selling 3 types of hampers: regular, large & vegetarian. They all come packed full of a variety of deliciousness. The food box is delivered Free of Charge anywhere in Ireland, and the produce is delivered in an insulated cooler box. It’s a fantastic way to support a few local producers from Tipperary at the same time. Continue Reading…

Tim tam tarts with chocolate mousse, freshly whipped cream and raspberries

Tim tam tarts with chocolate mousse, freshly whipped cream and raspberries

Tim tam tarts, try saying that 10 times in a row! This recipe is a mix of my old recipe for chocolate mousse and a new recipe for tim tam tarts. As you know, chocolate mousse can be tricky to make as there are a few things that can go wrong with the egg whites and the cream. However, if you follow my simple tips you should be able to create the perfect mousse. The tim tam tarts themselves are super easy, all you have to do is pick your favourite tim tams! And for those who’ve never been to Australia: Tim Tam is an Australian brand of chocolate biscuit that consists of two malted biscuits separated by a light chocolate cream filling and coated in a thin layer of textured chocolate. Continue Reading…

Honey + Cinnamon, The Little Hand Stirred Jam Shop

Honey + Cinnamon

Back in January, my fiancé and I drove from Melbourne up to Sydney and used the map from Empty Esky to visit some local businesses that were affected by the bush fires that were still going on back then. Little did we all know that after surviving such a huge disaster, these companies would be faced with another disaster: covid-19. I cannot imagine how hard it is for small local businesses anywhere in the world, let alone those that were still trying to recover from a previous disaster.

One of those local businesses we stopped at is called The Little Hand Stirred Jam Shop. A gorgeous little shop filled with jams, honey, chutney, sauces, .. It was an insanely hot day when we stopped there and they had just lost all electricity in the town so they were struggling keeping some of their produce cold/frozen but they still greeted everyone with a smile. Continue Reading…

Belgian meatloaf with sour cherries

Belgian meatloaf with sour cherries

Today’s recipe is something I’ve been eating for as long as I can remember: Belgian meatloaf with sour cherries, an absolute delight to have as a warm lunch during the weekend! The delicious sour cherries along with the soft and warm meatloaf is just a perfect combination. Everyone makes the meatloaf in their own way, some add mushrooms or mustard or only use pork mince but it pretty much comes down to what you want to serve along with it. If you’re going for potatoes and beans you should consider adding mushrooms but since we are going for some lovely sour cherries, you really don’t want to mix it up with mushrooms or mustard. Just a couple of spices and the right kind of mince is all you need to make this meatloaf recipe spectacular! Continue Reading…

Book tip April 2020: Gordon Ramsey’s Ultimate Cookery course

Book tip April 2020: Gordon Ramsey's Ultimate Cookery course

I’ve been struggling to keep up with my monthly cook book tips as I simply haven’t bought a single book since I came to Australia (I just don’t have the space to bring it back home) but since I now use ebooks I have been looking into buying books that way until we go back home. And the first one that I bought is Gordon Ramsey’s ultimate cookery course (as there is a limited Kindle deal on it at the moment).

For some reason I don’t actually have any Gordon Ramsey books at home, even though I did watch quite a lot of his TV shows in the past. I do think he’s a brilliant chef though so I have no doubt this book is going to be the start of a Gordon Ramsey book collection. Continue Reading…

Malteser croissants (croisstesers) made with puff pastry

Malteser croissants (croisstesers)

Prepare to have your mind blown with this extremely quick and easy recipe for Malteser croissants (aka croisstesers). We will be using ready made puff pastry to make it easier, making this the perfect Easter breakfast pastry to have. If you know how to make croissant dough and have the time I’d of course recommend making the dough as well.

We usually have a brunch for Easter, with all sorts of pastries, sandwiches, breads, spreads, bacon & eggs and so on. But my favourite on the table always are croissants though, it used to be my breakfast of choice on a Sunday too when I lived in Belgium as that’s when my dad would go to the bakery in the morning for pastries.

I know it’s going to be a challenging Easter this year, but we can still enjoy a fabulous Easter meal with your household or by yourself. With only 3 ingredients you can make a recipe that no one has ever had before (I honestly can’t find it anywhere online) but that everyone will love.

Love Maltesers? Love croissants? Then give these malteser croissants a try!

Continue Reading…

French toast with cinnamon & vanilla

French toast with cinnamon & vanilla

I recently asked on my Instagram what recipes you’d like to see most, and one of the replies I got was ‘quick breakfasts’. It was quite the challenge as I never make anything special for breakfast but I figured it would be a great opportunity to make a recipe for French toast. It’s such an easy breakfast to make, and you only need a handful of ingredients. I added cinnamon and vanilla to give the toast extra flavour, but you can also make it plain. I personally could never eat French toast without some sweet toppings: maple syrup & icing sugar along with some fruit. If you don’t have icing sugar or syrup, you can also use honey. If that’s also not an option or if you like it really sweet then you can also add a tablespoon of brown sugar to the egg mix that we dip the bread in. Continue Reading…