Melon – orange juice with a dash of lemon

Melon – orange juice with a dash of lemon

Have you ever had a glass of melon juice before? I hadn’t before this week and it seemed a bit odd to me at first, but I read this recipe in an ‘alcohol free cocktails’ book from 1988 that I inherited from my grandma and I thought I might give it a try. Stupidly enough, I went and bought the wrong kind of melon so I couldn’t try the recipe I was going to put to the test, but since I now had a melon in my possession anyway, I figured I’d just try and make my own melon juice recipe.

I had some oranges and lemon juice laying around, added them at random and hoped for the best. I must say I was quite surprised when it turned out to be really tasty, I actually can’t believe this isn’t a more common juice! I don’t usually keep making the same recipes over and over again, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to be making this a lot more often. Little warning to my friends: next time you see me, I’ll be armed with bottles of melon juice for you all to try!

Melon - orange juice with a dash of lemon

Drink European
Serves: 1 person
Total Time: Quick


  • 1 ripe Galia Melon
  • 1,5 orange
  • 2 teaspoons of lemon juice (from a bottle)



If you have a centrifuge/electrical juicer, simply use it to juice the melon and orange, add the lemon juice and drink up me hearties yoho.


Don't have a centrifuge? Join the club! I don't have on either but luckily, it's not that hard to manually juice both the melon and orange juice. All I used was a very basic lemon juicer. Simply cut the melon in 4 pieces (cut it in half sideways and then again lengthways), and juice it along the juicer. You'll have to squeeze and manoeuvre quite a bit but it's not difficult at all.


Now juice the orange as well and add it to the melon juice. If you're like me and don't like pulp, pass it through a sieve first before adding the lemon juice.


I used lemon juice from a bottle for this, since I thought it was a bit of a shame to cut a whole lemon for just 2 teaspoons, but if you're making this recipe for more than 1 person, you might want to consider using a fresh lemon as well. In this case you should add it along with the orange juice and melon and sieve it as well, unless you like pulp.

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