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“Tine can encourage, inspire, and tempt us to cook and eat whenever we have the opportunity! When Tine is not expressing her love for film and TV, she’s indulging in her third passion – Ireland! It’s rather interesting to witness a passion for everything Irish when so many Irish people tend to face outwardly when searching for foodie inspiration. Tine really knows how to make a tummy grumble and a heart swell with patriotic pride!”

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“While central Europe is where Oktoberfest originated, Ireland brings plenty of good stuff to the table. Your first bite of this Guinness Beer Battered Fish recipe, a popular Irish treat for your taste buds, will send you over the moon and back. For more photos and full instructions, check out Tine at Home.”

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In the summer of 2015 I was invited to be a guest blogger for Alles over Landbouw, a Belgian site that helped promote agriculture, the importance of seasonal and regional ingredients in your food.

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