Life in Ireland: My Ideal Irish Home

Life in Ireland: My Ideal Irish Home

Disclosure: This post was written as part of a collaboration with Chill Insurance, all opinions and content are my own and were written without any influence by a third party

Although I mostly post about food & cookbooks on my blog, I used to share some interior tips as well in the past. I stopped doing it a long while ago as I just didn’t have enough time but now I’m going to relaunch my interior section again very soon! Why? Well, I’d love to once again share some of my favourite products for your dining room and kitchen from Irish shops as I really feel it’s so closely tied together with cooking in general and it can really lift your meal up when you first have the right tools to cook, but then also have the some great items to showcase what you made.

So to relaunch my interior inspiration, I’m going to start by telling you all about my ideal Irish home, as I got challenged by Chill Insurance to share some of my ideas. They just completed a survey with 1000 Irish people about the same topic as well, as Chill Insurance are the leading suppliers of home insurances in Ireland, which is something to keep in mind when renovating or buying a house of course.

Now back to my ideal Irish home! I myself get asked quite a lot why I decided to leave Belgium and move to Ireland instead. The answer is very simple: the culture, the language, the people and the views. Don’t get me wrong, I love Belgium and I think it has some fantastic places to visit, but I personally prefer the green mountains and beautiful coastline here in Ireland. Now that I’ve been here for 3 years, my partner and I have started looking around for a house to buy or for land to build our own dream home. In Belgium I wouldn’t have had the options I have here, as green space is quite limited and views.. well.. they are hard to find. But not in Ireland!

So I’m going to answer all the same questions that Chill asked in the survey and share you some of my favourite looks in terms of building my own house. Hope you feel inspired too!

The Interior

28% of the people said their home was styled traditionally, 15% went for contemporary, smaller amounts of people said minimalist, retro or shabby chic. I am 100% a traditional girl myself, although I like to mix it up depending on the rooms. For my home office I prefer more modern with a some vintage touches. When it comes to the kitchen I want it as traditional as possible though, with a lot of influences from traditional farmhouses.

A deep white square sink with old taps, traditional tiles and a lot of wood are some of the items you will for sure find in my house some day! I love all the old pots and bowls too, although I probably have too much of that already.

The Location

I was genuinely so shocked when I saw that, in the survey, near 43% of people said Dublin was the place to be, as for me it would be the very last option. Galway came in second, which I absolutely understand but for me it has to be a toss between Waterford and Tipperary. Ideally it would be on the border of the two, so you can be near gorgeous towns like Dungarvan but can still enjoy those stunning Tipperary Mountain Views, cause let me tell you: there’s no place like the Golden Vale of Ireland!

The Outside

Although I would probably prefer to build rather than buy something, I would lean more towards an old house, but of course upgraded so that it doesn’t have a very low energy rating. In terms of style, cottages and farmhouses are a dream come true for me, but I also need a big garden as I’d love to have my own fruit, herb and vegetable garden.

I’m not too crazy about bungalows so my idea house will have at least 2 storeys. I’ve always dreamt of having a wooden fence outside as well, which is only a small detail of course. The outside space will be filled with lots of flowers, trees and so on. Whereas I love wood on the inside of my house, I’m more into stones on the outside.

And that’s it, that’s a little sneak peak into what would be my ideal Irish home! If you want to know more about the survey, Click here

For more info about Chill Home Insurance: Click here

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