I’m back! Sort of..


Wow, what a crazy year it’s been! And what a hectic time I’ve had the last two months. As you know, my fiancé and I decided to leave Australia as I couldn’t get my tourist visa renewed because of the coronavirus pandemic. But coming back home hasn’t been as easy as we had hoped of course. We’ve been trying to find a place to live for the past 2 months & new jobs, if you though the rental market in Ireland was bad before, it sure is worse now! We’ve pretty much been living in Airbnb’s & hotels and out of our suitcases, which is less than ideal – luckily the weather has been fabulous up until today!

But we’re remaining positive about the future, and I’m very excited to say that I’ve teamed up with a graphic designer to help “rebrand” my blog. I must admit I have been stuck in a rut when it comes to my blog for quite some time now, which is probably also why I haven’t written anything in two months – the longest I have gone without blogging in over 7 years!

I cannot wait to show you the results and to share something new with you each week, but for now my only priority is finding a place to live and a job of course and I’ll keep working behind the scenes on my blog. But rest assured, I still have plenty of new recipes to share with you all once our lives have returned back to normal!

Much love,


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