Goodbye ‘Tine at Home’, hello ‘My Emerald Kitchen’

If you visit my site or Facebook often you may have notice I’ve been unusually quiet.. and it’s all because I’ve been secretly working hard on re-releasing my blog. So today I’m extremely happy to announce that ‘Tine at Home’ will be no more. It’s a bit of a sad moment as I’ve absolutely loved my name for years, and it’s brought me some amazing experiences.

Why did you change it then?

Well, my name turns out to be very hard for people to pronounce outside of Scandinavia, Belgium & The Netherlands, and after 2 years of ‘teen’, ‘tyne’, ‘trina’, ‘tyre’ and people even thinking my last name was my first name and calling me ‘Van’, I wanted to put everyone out of their misery. Well everyone apart from any customer service agents who ever have to help me, so to them I say: sorry! But if it helps: it’s tea-ne.

Anyway, I’m kind of going off-topic now. Other than my blog name I’ve also changed the style a bit. Starting with a brand new logo, which features some drawings from my late grandmother’s paintings. She always loved drawing and had a real talent for watercolour painting, something I wish I had too but I do love drawing myself, which is why I really wanted a hand-drawn logo. To me the new logo represents what ‘My Emerald Kitchen’ is all about: using fresh & seasonal ingredients and experimenting with flavours.

Where does the new name come from?

My Emerald Kitchen is all about home cooked meals, made in my kitchen on the Emerald Isle, Ireland. I had been travelling to Ireland for 7 years before moving there, and it’s always had a special place in my heart.

What’s next?

It’s been quite the struggle to get my blog revamped on time, as the sunny weather had me out in the garden for weeks, but after lots of late nights I’m very excited the day is finally here. I’ll still be working on improving some parts of the site (especially in bringing back my recipe filter) so check back to watch it evolve and for the recipes of course.

That’s all for me today, now it’s time for me to go and finally watch the brand new Game of Thrones episode!

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