Creamy white asparagus soup with parsley & turmeric

Creamy white asparagus soup with parsley & turmeric

Asparagus season is usually the highlight for a lot of foodies each year, and I am no different! The ‘white gold’ season usually runs from mid-late April until June, and during those few months a year, I try out as many asparagus recipes as I possibly can. This year I tried my very first white asparagus soup recipe ever! Though it’s not that cold anymore outside, a lovely hot cup of soup on a rainy day is still quite the treat.

I have tasted a lot of asparagus soups before and though a lot of these soup recipes use chicken stock, I feel like this soup works a lot better with nothing but veggies, so I changed it to vegetable stock. Also, because I want to keep the flavor as true to its main vegetable as possible, I chose not to add leek either, unlike most recipes . Last but not least I added some turmeric powder to spice things up, inspired by a recipe from Albert Heijn.

Creamy white asparagus soup with parsley & turmeric

Serves: 3-4 people


  • 750g white asparagus
  • 3 shallots
  • 1 large potato
  • 3 tablespoons of finely chopped flat-leaf parsley
  • 1,25l water
  • 2 cubes of vegetable stock
  • 1dl cooking cream (double cream, single cream will separate when heated)
  • 15g butter
  • pinch of white pepper & salt
  • 1,5 teaspoons of turmeric powder



First we start off by peeling the asparagus.


The best way to do this is to lay them down and peel from top to bottom, while not pressing down too hard, to prevent them from snapping in two. Go all around the asparagus and then cut off the bottom part (about 1-2cm).


Do not throw away the peels just yet! You can discard the bottom part but we need to keep the peels as we'll be using them to make the broth for the soup. 


Chop the shallots and the potato in small cubes and cut up the asparagus in small pieces of about 2-3cm as well.


Heat up the butter in a deep soup pot and fry the shallots for a few minutes.


Add the asparagus peels to 1,25l of water along with the stock cubes and bring it to a boil.


Let the broth simmer on a low-medium heat for about 20-30 minutes.


Once your broth is done, pass it through a sieve into another pot. Try to drain as much liquid from the peels as possible by pressing down on them with a wooden spoon.


Put the broth back on the heat and add the chopped up pieces of asparagus, turmeric powder and potatoes.


Continue to cook the soup for another 15-20 minutes on a low-medium heat.


Add additional water if needed but I recommend waiting until the very end to avoid making the soup too runny. I only used 1,25l myself.


We're almost at the finish line now! Take about a third of the asparagus pieces out of the soup and set them aside, we won't be mixing them but serving them in each bowl of soup later. Now get your hand blender and blend your soup.


Make sure no chunks of potatoes or mangled pieces of asparagus are left so that you end up with one very smooth soup. 


Add the cooking cream to the soup and bring it back to a boil one last time.


Turn off the heat and add the parsley, along with pepper and salt to taste. It's better to use white pepper for this soup, because using black pepper will result in tiny black dots in your soup, which won't look very appealing.


Once you are ready to serve the soup, add a couple of the asparagus pieces we left aside to each bowl, and pour the soup on top.


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