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The largest artisan Food Market in the region

Cork & Kerry Food ForumI am one lucky food blogger! On my very first day living in Ireland, I stumbled upon this great food event down in Cork! 70 local artisan producers were introducing their brands and products, the perfect event for me to discover what this region has to offer and introduce my blog to them in return. It’s almost unbelievable how many great artisan products there are over here! I tried to visit as many as possible, but some producers were either sold out or too crowded for me to visit so I won’t be able to mention them all here but rest assured that I’m going to try to visit as many of them as possible so I can write a whole post about each of them separately. Most of these producers can be found at the English Market in Cork City center or in Supervalu stores. For more info about this event and all the exhibitors, please visit their website.

PS: Sorry for the not less than great photos, didn’t have my camera with me and had to make do with what I did have

Cork & Kerry Food Forum

A taste of Irish Spirit – Facebook

A Taste of Irish Spirit produces two flavours of marmalade infused with Poitin- the traditional Irish spirit (yes it’s legal, since 1997°C. Great care is taken to ensure both the taste and the smell of this traditional Irish Spirit is encapsulated in the marmelade. A further refinement of cinnamon and cloves is added to increase your enjoyment of their second creation, The Poitin Toddy Marmelade. All created by 79 year old Betty Smith in Newcestown, Cork.

A taste of Irish Spirit

Ballyhoura Apple Farm – Facebook //Website

Looking for some great fruit juices or fruit products? Ballyhoura Apple Farm is the place to be! Their offices are in Mallow, Cork but their orchards can be found in Kilfinane, Limerick. The fruit and vegetable used in Ballyhoura Apple Farm juices support other food producers in the local community and help to create and sustain local employment. Their use of recycled packaging, glass bottles and wooden bins and no air miles helps them maintain a low carbon footprint.  The overall “cost” to the community represents really good value.

Ballyhoura Apple Farm

Ballymaloe Country Relish – Facebook // Website

In the 1930′s Ivan Allen started growing tomatoes on Ballymaloe farm. However he found that when he tried to sell them at the local markets, people didn’t know what they were! This left his wife, Myrtle with a glut of tomatoes in her kitchen so she decided to start making a country relish with them. This relish went on to become a very popular and much loved part of all family meals. Years later their daughter, Yasmin started using this same recipe to make Ballymaloe Country Relish for shops and restaurants.She quickly out grew this small space and moved into purposely built kitchens in Little Island, Co. Cork, Ireland. They cook using traditional methods and the best quality ingredients, resulting in delicious tasting products.

Ballymaloe Country Relish

Beara SeafoodsFacebook // Website // Twitter

Holling from five generations of fishermen, ‘Beara Seafoods’ are a West Cork, family-run business specialising in the cultivation, harvesting and development of mussels in a sustainable, bio-diverse environment. “For our Mussel Bites, we’ve taken our succulent Irish rope mussels grown on the Kenmare Bay, rolled them in a multi-grain crumb and added real garlic pieces for a moreish crispy texture. Our Mussel Bites are both delicious and healthy; low in fat and high in protein and Omega 3.We pride ourselves in developing technology and sustainable fishing practices through our family tradition of mussel farming. Our Mussel Bites lead the way in innovative, convenient, delicious and most of all, nutritious Irish seafood. ”

Bluebell Falls Goats Cheese Facebook // Website

Bluebell Falls farm is owned by the O Sullivan family and produces an organic handmade, soft goat’s milk cheese with a creamy texture, made in County Cork. Before 1995, the farm was primarily geared towards the traditional Irish herds of cattle and sheep but at that time, started to develop new products from goat’s milk. By 2008, they had a herd of 130 goats being milked. By 2011, the decision was made to switch totally to producing goats milk and cheese. The farm is located at Charleville, County Cork overlooking the Ballyhoura mountains. heir cheese is sold fresh when 24 hours old, and is made in the style of French chevre.

Carrigaline Farmhouse Cheese – Facebook // Website

Anne and Pat O’Farrell have been producing cheese on their farm at Carrigaline in East Cork since 1987. Pat attended a course in cheesemaking in UCC in 1983-84, and as he says ‘things started from there.’  Pat finished the course with nine different cheese recipes, and whittled this down to three. He then brought samples of all three to the local Supervalu for a tasting. The public reacted far more favorably to one of the cheeses, and this ‘survivor’ went on to become the basis for Carrigaline cheese. Over the years Ann and Pat have developed the range of cheeses to include, Garlic & Herb, Smoked, and Blueberry. Check out where our yummy cheeses are now stocked near you!

Every batch of cheese produced gets the most careful attention at each stage of its production and maturation in the cheese plant. All their cheeses are handmade and are true artisan cheeses. They source all of their milk from local farms so they have the advantage of controlling the quality of the milk they use.

Clotilde’s Fruit CompôteFacebook // Website // Twitter

Clotilde’s Fruit Compote was established in 2011 and is located in Glanworth, Co.Cork. The company was born from a partnership between dairy farmer Pat Landers and food lover Clotilde Fitzgibbon.  Clotilde was reared on a tillage and pig farm in Northern France. What was produced from the farm or the garden was consumed on a daily basis and her mother was constantly cooking and baking good and nutritious meals. One of the main produce was apples. As Clotilde likes saying, she ate apples morning noon and night but thankfully in different forms! However apples served as compote was a common dessert and one that was enjoyed by the whole family.The compotes that Clotilde makes are a blend of apples and another fruit, such as strawberries, raspberries, pears, blackberries, lemon and orange. They are 100% natural as there is no added sugar, no additives or preservatives.

Clotilde's Compôte

Elbow Lane Sauces and Dry Rub – Facebook // Website

A dip?, a marinade? a sauce? all three? – it’s up to you! The amazing Smokehouse sauce comes straight from the kitchens of their restaurant (in Oliver Plunkett Street 4, Cork) where they use it for a great many dishes. “We suggest that it can be a dip, a marinade or a sauce. Our favourite use of it is on our pork rib dish. When we cook this dish at home we buy our ribs the day before, usually from Tom Durcan in the English Market.”

Their rub on the other hand is a combination of salt, pepper, sugar, herbs and spices and can be used to flavour meat in any dish. Unlike a marinade, the dry rub will form a tasty crust on the exterior of the meat when grilled.

Farm Fresh FoodsWebsite

John Twomey originally started growing vegetables on the family farm and supplying to local outlets and the city markets. From here he went on to set up  Farm Fresh Butchers where he continues to sell his freshly grown vegetables from his own shop. The business has now gone full circle by returning to its original base, the family farm, where for over the past decade the Twomey’s have been making salads from the finest locally sourced vegetables.

Farm Fresh Foods

Green Saffron – Facebook // Website // Twitter

Green Saffron is a family business based in Co. Cork, specialising in the highest grade, premium fresh whole spices, bespoke and proprietary spice blends, mixes of a truly beautiful, authentic, unrivalled aromatic nature, offering only the best of flavours, textures and taste. “We passionately produce stunning spice blends, sauces and chutneys from spices sourced by family members in Moradabad, India. We’re all about fresh spices – ours travel at top-speed from partner farms in India, making the trip from ‘source to sauce’ in just 8 weeks.  Spice innovation for aspirational flavour results. Absolutely everything we do is underpinned by our main mantra of ‘fast, fresh and healthy’. We’re committed to making our products accessible to everyone, with not a single ‘nasty’, nothing dodgy and certainly no fillers. Everything’s certified Halal, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly. We’re equally committed to reducing food waste with pared-back packaging and the perfect portion controlled that means our products always eat at their vibrant best.”

IASC – Something FishyFacebook // Website // Twitter

The story of iASC Atlantic Seafood Company of Ireland began in earnest in 2011, when James Grimes and Colin Ross, with their combined 45 years experience in Food and Beverages, presented a plan to the Head of Innovation at the Irish Seafood Development Board, that aimed to introduce new, sustainable, Irish shellfish products to the global market. “We went about developing a long-life, 100% natural, consistent and, most importantly, 100% sustainable seafood bouillon replacement, which happens to be a ready-to-eat butter. It can make stocks, bases, etc. and its addition to Fish, Steak, Poultry and Seafood dishes of many types results in new flavour dimensions and that elusive Umami-punch.”

IASC Seafood

Irish Atlantic Sea Salt by O’Neill – Facebook // Website // Twitter

Pure and natural gourmet sea salt flakes from West Cork,  the homeland of Irish artisan food. The O’Neill family lovingly produce Irish Atlantic Sea Salt flakes at their home on the ruggedly beautiful Beara Peninsula, West Cork, Ireland. The O’Neills are passionate about their gourmet sea salt flakes and spent years developing and perfecting a production process that blends age old salt making methods with energy efficient production techniques, to produce Irish sea salt flakes that are 100% pure and natural. They skillfully harvest the salt flakes from the pristine sea waters surrounding the rugged peninsula which stretches out to the Wild Atlantic. Irish Atlantic Sea Salt flakes are produced slowly and naturally, retaining over fifty natural trace elements that are essential for your wellbeing.

Joe’s Farm Veg Crisps – Facebook

Farmer Joe Burns and his wife Sandra have come up with an innovative way to add value to the produce on their farm, resulting in beetroot, carrot and parsnip crisps delicately sprinkled with sea salt which are deliciously crunchy and full of – flavour.

Kinsale Gourmet SeafoodFacebook // Website // Twitter

Kinsale Goumet is a new range of Frozen Restaurant Quality Meals for one. The meals are made by award winning chefs in Irelands Gourmet Capital-Kinsale, Co. Cork. “Our Kinsale gourmet chefs have done the hard work for you – sourcing, preparing and balancing quality fresh produce to bring these delicious and healthy fish dishes to you.”

Kinsale Gourmet Food

Mella’s Fudge – Facebook // Website

“At Mella’s Fudge, we make good, old-fashioned gluten-free fudge. Good as in really good – in 2011 we won 3 gold stars at the Taste Awards in London (no other fudge in the UK or Ireland won 3 gold stars this year)*. And by old-fashioned, we mean crumbly, buttery, the flavour your grandmother might remember from the good old days! YUM! Luxurious and decadent, you know you want it, it is addictive to say the least!”

My GoodnessFacebook // Website

My Goodness is an ethical, health focused business that specialises in vegan, raw, sugar free and fermented probiotic products.

Natural Larder Company – Facebook // Website

We are a family producer of Quality Sauces, Relishes, Rubs and unique Scrumptious Crumb based just outside Macroom in the beautiful Lee Valley, Co. Cork. “All our products are made in batches by hand using traditional methods and all our ingredients are sourced locally. We are passionate about the quality and integrity of our food, all our products are free from artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. Each of our products has its own distinct personality (a bit like ourselves!). Although we each have our favourites we are very proud of all of them. We would love the opportunity to introduce them to you, and believe that once you get to know them you’ll find your favourite too.”

The Natural Larder Company

Organic Little OneFacebook // Website // Twitter

“When weaning my boys I wanted them to enjoy fresh, natural and tasty foods. The right nutrition at this time offers a unique opportunity to shape a healthier future. I wanted my boys to grow up loving fruit & veggies as much as I do. What started as a necessity has now grown into a business. With a lot of hard work and plenty of support from my family and friends, Organic Little One is now available nationwide.”

Organic Little One

Scratch my pork! – Facebook // Website

Cooked pork rind, just like Granny’s pork crackling from years ago, now as a savoury snack to enjoy with 3 great flavors made for the Irish palate,dairy, MSG & Gluten free & without any E Numbers.

Rebel Chili – Facebook // Website

Started in 2009, Rebel Chilli was the brainchild of Ken Moore. Having lost his job during the Great Recession, his passion for hot sauce spurred him to experiment with recipes at his local farmers market in Cork.With the signature ‘Red Chilli with Lemongrass and Ginger’ a crowd favourite and now award winning product, the Rebel Chilli range would develop the fantastically hot ‘Chillionaire’ and the deliciously sweet ‘Jalapeno and Raspberry Jelly’.

Seymours Biscuits – Facebook // Website

“Seymours Irish Biscuits is a family owned specialist bakery producing individually hand-cut biscuit products. We are unique in that our bakery in Bandon town West Cork is about 8km west of our dairy farm from where the fresh milk goes in to making the creamery butter for our biscuits, imparting a genuine taste difference no other biscuit bakery can match.”

All the others that I didn’t get to try:

Caherbeg Free Range PorkCookies of CharacterCotton Ball BreweryDavid’s ChocolateMilsean ChocolateRebelicous Gluten Free CerealsWilkies ChocolateBeara PreservesTrace of CakesWildberry BakeryWellness BakingKennedy’s Gluten FreeKildinan FarmO’Sullivan’s Bakery – Harty’s Chilli James – Irish bio saltO’Donnells Bakery GranolaCamo’s Bistro CaféBox of FrogsBia Ganbreise TeoRawbinaCrunch FoodsCultured Food CompanyDe Roiste Pudding – Finders Foods – Healthy You Seaweed SaladIncredible FlowersLoughbeg FarmMartina’sNutcaseOn The Pigs Back Skeaghanore DuckTaste a Memory MealsUnion Hall Smoked SeafoodWest Cork Eggs, Chilled, EggsWest Cork Handmade PiesYawl Bay SeafoodsO’Flynns Gourmet SausagesArdsallagh Goats Cheese –  Lullaby MilkMacroom Buffalo MozzarellaOrchard Cottage CheeseFarmers TableSaturdays Pizzas

Cork & Kerry Food Forum

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    While travelling in Cork I stumbled upon a nice market but I forgot the town 😉

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