Cook – Learn – Discover – Enjoy

Cook - Learn - Discover - Enjoy

Standing still is moving backwards.” I’ve had this blog for 2,5 years now and I figured it was about time to make some changes and expand a bit. I’ve been blogging about recipes and cook book tips this entire time, but being a foodie is about more than that, it’s all about: cooking, learning, discovering and enjoying!

I apply the same philosophy to my life in general. Not a week goes by that I’m not learning or discovering something new, whether it’s just by going through cook books, trying a new restaurant or exploring new products. But that’s not limited to just cooking, I also love buying new little bits and pieces for my living room, dining table and kitchen. Blogging about all that would take away the focus of cooking to much however so I’ll only be sharing some favourite accessories for the table & kitchen. I love cooking for my friends and family, but what I love even more is the whole set up, from setting up a lovely table to presenting and cooking my food in lovely bowls and casseroles. You’ll be able to find all of this in a brand new segment on my blog called: Enjoy!

Last but not least we have ‘Discover’. In this segment I’ll be sharing everything related to discovering and finding inspiration outside of my house, which for me will mostly be about exploring Ireland and it’s local and artisan producers. As I will travel the world more often now that i’ve settled into my new home in Ireland, I will also try to share some experiences I had (mostly foodwise) abroad too, but the focus in general will mostly be Ireland as I want to inspire my new country(wo)men to eat more locally and seasonally.

I hope you’ll all enjoy the new changes!

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