Christmas appetiser: Strawberry Santas

Christmas appetizer: Strawberry Santas

Happy Holidays everyone! I’ve been trying out a few new recipes the last couple of days, and one of those recipes is something that has been a big trend everywhere this year: Strawberry Santas! Most recipes use whipped cream to make the Santa beards, but I wanted to turn this into an appetizer, rather than a small dessert so I used goat cheese instead. It doesn’t take up too much time to make these appetizer, but trying to make them look good.. took me more than a few tries!

They did turn out cute in the end, but some I made at first were just flat out creepy or hilarious (kinda like the image below)! But by failing a few times at first, I can now give you all some tips on how to make yours look cute in only a few minutes!

Strawberry Santa Fail

Strawberry Santa Fail, found on

Makes: 30 Santas

  • 30 Strawberries
  • 150g Goat cheese with herbs
  • Chocolate sprinkles

For the goat cheese it’s better if you take one with herbs like herbes de provence, if you can’t find it, then simply get plain goat cheese and add herbes de provence and a bit of pepper. Don’t add too much, half a teaspoon should do it, if you add too much, your Santas will have very odd faces covered in spices!

Needed: piping bag


Put your strawberries with the green top down and slice just a little bit off the bottom, make sure to slice it as straight as possible, so the strawberries don’t fall over when you present them. Now cut off the top of the strawberries, these will be our Santa hats!

Now by using a piping bag, you’ll make it a lot easier on yourself to make the Santas, which would be a lot harder if you just tried to spoon it or used ready made goat cheese balls. Simply use the piping bag to make Santa’s face/beard by swirling it into a ball. Gently push the Santa hat down on the goat cheese.

Now let’s take out those sprinkles! Don’t use chocolate pearls, they are way too big for these Santas and they’ll end up looking like aliens! You can chose to only make eyes, add a nose or even a mouth (they look a bit sour though as the sprinkles are straight and their mouths are straight then as well of course).

Last but not least, use a knife to add just a small dollop on top of the Santa hats and on their bellies and you are good to go!


Christmas appetizer: Strawberry Santas

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    December 24, 2015 at 5:17 pm

    These look yummy and adorable. Mine would probably look more like the nailed it photo…buy like I long as it tastes good

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