Book tip September 2014: Milk and Cookies

cookiesbookNow that August is over, most schools everywhere have either already reopened or will soon open their gates again for millions of kids and students. What better way than to treat your kids or yourself to some lovely homemade cookies while heading back to school? This month’s book tip of the month will definitely help you bake some cookies for school!

Book description

From an adorable little shop in New York’s Greenwich Village and a French Culinary Institute instructor who grew up loving nothing more than baking cookies comes 89 recipes for irresistible cookies, bars, and brownies. From classic chocolate chip to family-favorite Italian cookies, these recipes are accessible and inspiring, and for many of them the dough can be made ahead of time.


From early childhood memories of baking with her mother, grandmother, aunts, and great-aunts to a pastry career that took her through New York restaurants, bakeries, and cafes to the helm of her very own bakery, Milk & Cookies, Tina Casaceli never wavered in her adoration of cookies. Now, with Milk & Cookies, Casaceli shares that love, along with years of experience in baking and teaching, to help fellow cookie lovers create the Milk & Cookies magic at home, and their own cookie memories.

Starting with a handful of base, „never-fail” dough recipes, Casaceli first reveals how to get it right, every time, and then unveils a host of variations for each base. Milk & Cookies also includes a chapter on special cookies, such as Pumpkin-Cranberry, Carrot cake, and Ice-cream sandwich, a chapter on brownies and bars, and one dedicated to the family favorites that initially captivated Casaceli. Enjoy a taste of tradition with Grandma Tina’s Sweet dough cookies, Aunt Annie’s Sesame seed cookies and Aunt Rose’s famous „S” cookies, which she baked fresh for her husband every day. With the adorable irresistible Milk & Cookies, you milk will never be lonely again’

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