Roasted herby swedes with a terragon & honey mustard dressing, baby potato salad and prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloin

Roasted herby turnips with a terragon & honey mustard dressing and prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloin

I used to think Autumn and Winter were boring food months but ever since I started focussing more on eating seasonal foods I've discovered so many ingredients that I never used before in my cooking because they are vegetables you rarely hear or see about. One of those forgotten vegetables for me were swedes. Now mind you, in some Irish shops they are called turnips (even though they technically aren't)…

Halloween cupcakes with Kerrygold butter, pumpkin spices, pomegranate drops, buttercream and fondant ghosts

Kerrygold Halloween cupcakes with pumpkin spices, buttercream and sugar ghosts

The countdown to the scariest night of year is on: Halloween is rapidly approaching! Did you know tht Halloween has an Irish origin? The Celtic festival Samhain was celebrated on the night of the 31st of October in Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Man 2000 years ago. It’s still a hugely celebrated event here in Ireland, with decorated houses everywhere, kids going off to trick-or-treat and lots of fireworks…

Book tip October 2017: 5 Ingredients by Jamie Oliver

Book tip October 2017: 5 Ingredients by Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is one of my absolute food heroes, he’s one of the people I turned to (well not in person obviously) when I started cooking – for recipes, inspiration, tips, .. so it should come as no surprise I have almost all of his cookbooks and watch all his tv shows. Although I love all of his books, his latest book ‘5 Ingredients’ straight away became my favourite cookbook…

Creamy Broccoli & Leek soup

Broccoli & leek soup with goat cheese

I have definitely been under the weather these last couple of days, but I managed to drag myself out of bed long enough to make a lovely belly-warming soup for myself to get me through the day. I never used to make my own soups at all but I’ve really gotten into it this last year with soups like butternut squash & carrot, spicy tomato soup, cauliflower soup and before…

Autumn Irish Lamb meatballs with Red Coconut Curry

Autumn Irish Lamb meatballs with Red Coconut Curry

Most people consider lamb to be a Spring/Easter ingredient, but it's actually August lamb that has more flavour and better portions. By August, Spring lambs have had the time to enjoy some of Ireland's freshest grass which helped them grow and mature a bit. I highly recommend Connemara lamb as they feed on natural fresh herbs, heathers and grasses from those gorgeous Connemara Hills. For my Autumn Lamb Meatballs I've decided…

Sweet potato croquettes

Sweet potato croquettes

Confession time: I love croquettes, oh my god do I love them! Every time I go to a restaurant and it's an option as a side instead of fries I'll order it, guaranteed. The crunchy outside and the soft mashy inside are just such a joy to eat! Unfortunately for me croquettes are a lot more popular in Belgium/France/The Netherlands than they are here in Ireland and the UK but…

Book tip September 2017: The Student Cookbook (+ giveaway!)

The Student Cookbook

Great grub for the hungry and the broke Ahh September.. back to school month! I always loved studying and I’m currently looking into getting another degree on my belt, even though it’s been 5 years since I last graduated! Although I studied for 5 years, I never got to experience what it was live away from my parents, as both my Uni & Uni College were within 20 minutes of…

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